After two nights of going to the movies and going out to dinner, I knew that today wasn’t going to be the best day I’ve had. After only a few hours of sleep I paged through a few magazines and then watched Kate & Leopold, but nothing seemed to help me fall back into the realm of sleep–I guess that’s what happens when you have an incurable disease and no one knows how to cure it, let alone figure out how to control your sleep patterns or off-the-wall symptoms.

So now I’m onto my second movie, Sleepless In Seattle…I thought it was appropriate for the situation. At least I’m not Sam getting loads of brochures and pamphlets for counseling, that would be a little too much for me to handle at this point. But maybe he is onto something–moving to Seattle–maybe I should look into that.

On the radio talk show that Sam’s son calls into, the woman asks about wishes and dreams. It made me think that I would love to make a wish for my mom: I would wish that she wouldn’t have to worry about me anymore. That she wouldn’t have to constantly make sure that I am getting enough sleep, enough to eat, or taking my medication. But that dream is far off and in the hands of people who I may not ever meet.

Until I get some more sleep, I’m wide-awake.