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For the past twenty-four hours I have had my phone turned off. Having no real means of talking to anyone outside of my house–because I don’t have a home telephone.

But it was actually an enlightening experience. I realized how much time I had on my hands when I wasn’t on my phone texting, tweeting, and calling people all day long.

There are so many things that I am always saying that I want to do and then saying that I never have time for…but maybe it’s because I never really give myself the chance to have time for it all–I seem to fill those gaps of time with things that I truly don’t need to be doing.

So tomorrow, it is my goal to try to use my time wisely and hopefully start to complete some of the projects around my house that I have meant to do for the longest time. I am extremely excited to get started with them. A few weeks from now and I may not have anything to do [Haha].


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